Donald Trump Invites Supporter Onstage to Inspect His Hair, Mimics Spanish Accent

GOP frontrunner also blasts the New York Times for its story on his altercation with Univision’s Jorge Ramos

Another day, another Donald doozie.

In less than five minutes on stage in South Carolina on Thursday, Donald Trump ripped the New York Times and Jorge Ramos, and did a little hair inspection.

“I love the New York Times, but I see a story on the front page,” Trump began, boasting that he’s always on the front page of the paper.

After putting on his glasses and picking up a copy of the Times, Trump slammed the paper’s Thursday headline about him. “Trump gets earful in Spanish as Latino outlets air disdain,” he read mockingly, pouring cold water on the Times’ headline.

“This is on the front page of the New York Times.”

He then reiterated his love for the paper of record: “We still love the New York Times, it’s a different bent; editorially they kill us all, they don’t agree with us.”

The GOP frontrunner then referenced the story’s focus on the tense altercation between Trump and Jorge Ramos at a Tuesday press conference. “If you call him a journalist, I don’t — he’s an advocate for a lot of things,” he concluded.

And in typical Trump fashion, he included a few surprises, one being a potential first in political history: bringing a supporter onstage to inspect his hair.

“You have to do an inspection, this is getting crazy,” he said to a woman who then came on stage. “Yes, I believe it is,” she said in response to whether the Donald’s hair is authentic.

Trump also did his best Spanish accent while referencing the name of a Mexican mentioned in the Times’ story.