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Donald Trump Is Same Guy Off Camera As He Is On, Reveals Fox News Host Jesse Watters

”Trump strikes me as the kind of guy that’s on all the time. He’s got a very forceful persona,“ Watters tells TheWrap

Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters says Donald Trump is the exact same guy in real life that we see on television.

Watters has gotten to know presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump pretty well, even dropping by his Trump Tower office in a recent segment for the “The O’Reilly Factor.” The “Watters World” host says Trump is the exact same guy we see on TV when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“I think there are two different types of people in television. There are people who can turn it on like a switch when the cameras go on, and then when the cameras go off they kind of lower it down a little bit. And then there are people who are on all the time, no matter if the cameras are there or not,” Watters told TheWrap. “Trump strikes me as the kind of guy that’s on all the time. He’s got a very forceful persona.”

Watters sits down with that “forceful persona” for the seventh edition of “Watters World,” which also features interviews with Mark Cuban and Watters’ mentor, Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly has teased Watters on air in the past that Trump doesn’t like him, but obviously it’s untrue since the presidential candidate continues to grant him access.

“He’s very engaging, he’s very direct and it’s always a pleasure talking to him,” Watters said of Trump.

Check out a preview of Trump’s “Watters World” interview, airing tonight.

On what he makes of President Obama jumping in the fray by doing late-night television shows:

“Well, we just had one of the worst jobs reports in seven years. The worst in seven years. And frankly, he ought to be focused on jobs — he ought to be focused on the economy, making decent deals with countries like Mexico that are ripping us off like you’ve never seen before — Mexico is making a fortune off our backs, and he ought to be focused on China, he ought to be focused on many other places. He ought to be looking into the military where it’s being totally depleted, where they have to use used parts to fix our fighter jets, which are also very old. You know, there are so many other things. Look, he’s one of the worst presidents in our history and he shouldn’t be up on late night shows, unless it’s to get elected. And I hope he comes into the election, because I would love to take good shots at him also, and I guess once he does, just like Bill, once he does, he’s open prey.”

On how he is going to deal with incoming fire and criticism even from within his own party:

“Well I think one thing, Jesse, the Republicans better get tougher because the way they are right now, they are — you know, I got more votes than anybody in the history of the Republican primaries, by a lot, more than anybody, I mean like millions, and they better get a lot tougher or they’re going to have a lot of lawsuits. They’re not just going to lose presidency. They’re going to lose a lot of different places. I watch them and I’m watching their language and their body language and these are people that — they better get tough, Jesse, or it’s going to be not a good picture.”

On whether he is worried that if he goes hard after the Clinton scandals that he’s not hammering his top issues like immigration and the economy:

“Well I am. I mean, every time we get off subject — look, I couldn’t even talk about the jobs report because of all the different things that are thrown at you, and you know, the press is very, very biased. I’ve never seen anything like it, actually. I mean it’s a one-way story from virtually everybody, other than you, Jesse, other than you.”

“Watters World” airs on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.