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Donald Trump Jr Just ‘Wants These Four Years to Be Over,’ Says People Cover Story

”Inside Trump Family’s Turmoil Amid Russia Scandal“ paints a picture of a family that is terrified of their powerful father

Donald Trump Jr. is “miserable” and already looking forward to the end of his father’s term as President of the United States, according to a new cover story by People magazine. The feature arrives amid ongoing controversy over a meeting Trump Jr. took with Russians who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton,

The story, titled, “Inside Trump Family’s Turmoil Amid Russia Scandal,” paints a picture of a family that is terrified of their powerful father. It reports that the president’s eldest son is having a “harder time adapting to life after the election” than his sister, Ivanka, because she has a role inside the White House and has “always been” Trump’s favorite child.

“He just goes to work every day and is miserable,” a source “in their inner circle” told People.

A “family friend” told People that Trump Jr. would never speak negatively about his father because “loyalty within this family is insane,” while another source told the magazine that the president’s son “can’t wait for these four years to be over.”

Trump Jr. recently went on Fox News’ “Hannity” to tell his side of the story regarding the controversial meeting with Russians and admitted he would have done things differently in retrospect. Citing “a source who knows the family well,” People noted that Trump Jr. admitting he would have handled the meeting differently is not something typically heard from a Trump family member.

“[Trump] doesn’t like failure and mistakes, and he doesn’t accept them,” a source that has had “business dealings” with the president, told the magazine.

Check out the cover: