Donald Trump Jr Blasts Media, Democrats for ‘Nonsense’ Russia Meeting Story

President’s son is under heat following a New York Times report that links him to Russian government

Last Updated: July 11, 2017 @ 7:53 AM

Donald Trump Jr. returned to Twitter on Tuesday to blow off a report that he received an email informing him he would receive damaging information about Hillary Clinton as part of Russian government effort to aid his father’s candidacy.

Trump Jr.’s tweet arrived after the New York Times published a story on Monday evening claiming that President Trump’s eldest son was told in an email that a June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer would deliver intelligence to aid his father’s campaign.

Three sources told the Times that the email message came from Rob Goldstone, a publicist and former British tabloid reporter who helped organize the June 2016 meeting. Goldstone met Trump Jr. at the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow.

The message indicated that the Russian government was the source of the potentially damaging information against Clinton, according to the Times report.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that it was related to the Russian hacking that resulted in the release of thousands of Democratic emails a week after Trump Jr.’s meeting.

Earlier on Monday, Trump Jr. took to Twitter to retweet a few of his father’s messages and attack the media for coverage of the meeting last June, which the Times initially disclosed on Saturday.

Trump Jr. said he attended the meeting because he could have potentially received information that was damaging to the Clinton campaign, and mocked the way the media has covered the situation.

“Obviously I’m the first person on a campaign to ever take a meeting to hear info about an opponent … went nowhere but had to listen,” the president’s son wrote on Monday.

Trump Jr. said that he met with the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, at the request of an acquaintance [Goldstone] from the Miss Universe pageant.

When they met, he said the lawyer “stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Mrs. Clinton. Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information.”