Another Miss Universe Contestant Says Trump Called Girls ‘Some Pretty Horrible Names’

Former Miss Australia says GOP candidate told beauty pageant contestants to “suck your gut in”

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Donald Trump is getting bashed by another former Miss Universe contestant who says the GOP Presidential candidate made disparaging comments about women in the beauty pageant.

“He was calling some girls some pretty horrible names as well,” Jodie Seal told Inside Edition. “He said to me, ‘suck your stomach in. Suck your gut in.’ He always wanted us to be sexy.”

Seal was Miss Australia in the 1996 Miss Universe pageant, the same year that Alicia Machado won the title while representing Venezuela. Machado has become a major focal point of the 2016 election after she claimed that Trump referred to her as “Miss Piggy” when she gained weight following her win.

To be fair, 1996 Miss Sweden Camila Hanson had nothing but nice things to say about Trump. “I had a few conversations with him,” Hanson said in the same Inside Edition piece. “A few interactions. He sort of popped up when you least expected it, during rehearsals. I thought he was a nice man.”

Machado found herself back in the headlines after she gained U.S. citizenship and said that she will be voting for Hillary Clinton come November.

She also appeared in a new Clinton campaign ad in which he repeats the “Miss Piggy” claims, adding that Trump stiffed her on a promised cut of the money made off of ads and promotional appearances she did after winning the pageant.