Donald Trump Nicknames Elizabeth Warren, Sparking Goofy Twitter Beef

“For a guy with ‘the best words’ that’s a pretty lame nickname,” the Massachusetts Democrat says

Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Sen. Elizabeth Warren exchanged insults on Twitter Friday night after the GOP’s presumptive nominee nicknamed the Massachusetts Democrat “goofy.”

Trump even told supporters in Eugene, Oregon, that his likely rival, Hillary Clinton, has “got this goofy friend named Elizabeth Warren.”

“Goofy,” Warren responded via Twitter. “For a guy with ‘the best words’ that’s a pretty lame nickname. Weak!”

Warren is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party and has been mentioned as a possible Hillary Clinton running mate.

The Massachusetts senator famously faced questions about her Native American ancestry during her 2012 Senate campaign after being listed as such as a professor at Harvard University, so it’s no surprise Trump brought up the controversy again.

“Goofy Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton’s flunky, has a career that is totally based on a lie. She is not Native American,” he tweeted.

Things go heated quickly, and Warren even said Trump “lied his way through the primaries without being held accountable.”

The Twitter beef went on, check out the highlights: