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Donald Trump: ‘Nobody Respects Women More Than I Do’

GOP frontrunner says his past comments were ”show business“

Donald Trump claims his heavily criticized comments about women were “show business,” telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “Nobody respects women more than I do.”

In a CNN interview on Monday, Blitzer confronted Trump with a campaign ad that consists solely of women reading insulting or dismissive statements that Trump has made about women. Trump said he didn’t remember all the remarks, that others were “show business,” while was from his time on “The Apprentice.”

“Half of that was show business. I think people understand. These politicians, I know them. They say far worse when they’re in closed doors or they’re worth a group of people who they trust,” the GOP frontrunner said.

“Nobody respects women more than I do. Nobody takes care of women, and they take care of me …” he continued, before Blitzer interrupted with another question.

Later Trump added: “I’ll take care of women, with women’s health issues, far better than Hillary Clinton, who’s a total phony, will take care of women, if she’s even allowed to run.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Clinton may face criminal charges over her email scandal, a suggestion Clinton has belittled.

Blitzer also asked Trump why he has repeatedly attacked Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Last week, Fox News accused him of having an “extreme, sick obsession” with her.

“Because every night on her show she does negative hits on me,” he said. “And frankly if she didn’t, her ratings would drop down far lower than yours.”

He went on to call her a “third-rate talent.”