Oh, the Irony: Donald Trump Thought Electoral College Was ‘Disaster for Democracy’ in 2012

Current polling information reflects that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

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Donald Trump may have won the election, but it doesn’t look like his finished first in the popularity contest.

The president-elect took 276 electoral college votes versus Hillary Clinton’s 218, but the loser is actually ahead of the winner per the popular vote. With 98 percent of the voting recorded, Clinton has 59,319,829 votes. Trump has 59,142,210.

That’s more than a 170,000 vote advantage for the former Secretary of State. Unfortunately, that counts for jack squat — a fact that Trump actually trashed during our last presidential election.

Late in the evening hours on November 6, 2012, after President Barack Obama’s defeat of GOP challenger Mitt Romney was called, Trump tweeted: “The electoral college is a disaster for democracy.”

While some may find humor in the irony, most liberals probably won’t take too much comfort in it. Here’s the tweet: