Donald Trump Remembers ‘Good Friend’ Michael Jackson: ‘He Lost His Confidence’

During Thursday’s CNN Town Hall, GOP presidential candidate shares “the real story” of the King of Pop

Donald Trump Michael Jackson

With all topics on the table during CNN’s GOP Town Hall on Thursday night, Donald Trump’s conversation with Anderson Cooper eventually turned to an old friend of the billionaire candidate: the late King of Pop.

“Michael Jackson was actually a very good friend of mine,” Trump said, when Cooper asked him about his taste in music. Trump added that Jackson’s declined because of a lack of confidence.

“He was an unbelievably talented guy. He lost his confidence. He lost tremendous confidence because of, honestly, bad-bad-bad surgery. He had the worst. He had people that did numbers on him that were just unbelievable,” Trump said about Jackson’s face. “You know, the plastic surgeons. He was an unbelievable talent who actually lost his confidence. Believe it or not, when you lose your confidence in something you can even lose your talent.”

Trump explained that Jackson lived in Trump Tower at one point, noting that the entertainer even got married at one of Trump’s resorts.

“I knew the real story of Michael Jackson,” he said. “He was truly one of the most talented people.”