Donald Trump Ripped on Twitter for Hiring ‘Loony’ Breitbart Exec

“I hope to never face a crisis in my life so dire that Breitbart is the answer,” a user tweets

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GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump named Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon CEO of his campaign on Wednesday, and social media immediately went wild.

Bannon will temporarily step down from his role with the ultra-conservative news site to work full time on Trump’s campaign. His position is designed to bolster the “business-like approach” of the organization, according to a press release. The polarizing Bannon is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker known for his conservative views.

He is also a former Naval officer, was special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations in the Pentagon and holds an MBA from Harvard. To top it off, he is a stakeholder in “Seinfeld.” Yes, the television show. Despite the impressive resume, not everyone is thrilled with Trump’s decision.

Politico’s Ben White wrote, “It says here on Twitter that Trump hired the loony head of to run his campaign. But that obviously can’t be true.” Former Obama speech writer Jon Favreau chimed in with, “Anyone saying this is a ‘good’ thing for Trump that will win him more voters should quit punditry forever.”

A Trump parody account wrote, “I hired the head of Breitbart to run my campaign after the head of the Onion turned me down for not being a serious enough candidate.”

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