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Donald Trump Rips ‘SNL': ‘Time to Retire the Boring and Unfunny Show’

GOP nominee tweets, “Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!”

Donald Trump tweeted his thoughts about the latest “Saturday Night Live” on Sunday morning, saying its “time to retire the boring and unfunny show.”

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon‘s satire of the presidential election continued on this week with a parody of Sunday’s town hall debate, featuring Trump antics, Clinton zingers, and of course, Ken Bone.

The “SNL” cold open began with Martha Raddatz (Cecily Strong) and Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) welcoming us to the second “and worst” debate before getting ready by downing a shot of liquor.

“Let’s get this nightmare started,” groaned Raddatz. “Please help us welcome the candidates. Republican nominee Donald Trump and — can we say this yet? — President Hillary Clinton”

In addition, “Melania Moments” has been one of the staples of the 42nd season of “SNL,” with a new edition of the Jack Handy-style shorts lampooning the decadence of Melania each week. Saturday’s Melania Moment was titled “The Housemaid,” and saw Strong‘s Melania facing a new sort of existential crisis as she noticed the maid (also Strong) cleaning the Trump Tower penthouse actually looked a lot like herself. The realization gives her an idea for how she may be able to experience life as a normal person.

The episode also featured a Digital Short titled “Melanianade,” which featured “SNL” players as Melania, daughters Ivanka and Tiffany, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, and famed “Apprentice” villain Omarosa. The quintet called out Trump for relying on them to bail him out and, like Beyonce saying goodbye to a shifty boyfriend, declaring they were done with his nonsense.

“You’re taking it for granted that we’ll always be there,” warned Melania, ” But one day soon, Donald, you may wake up and this bomb p***y blouse will be gone.

Trump was also mocked throughout the “Weekend Update” segment of “SNL,” per usual. It’s been a tough week for Trump, who immediately followed up the “SNL” comment with two other tweets about the media.