Donald Trump, Robert Durst Top MAD Magazine’s Dumbest People of 2015

Special issue of the magazine goes on sale Dec. 15

MAD Magazine

There are many words that have been used to describe Donald Trump, and “dumb” is just one of them.

MAD Magazine is celebrating the close of 2015 by naming its picks for the 20 dumbest people, things and events of the year, with the GOP presidential frontrunner topping the list as well as the polls.

“If you’re sick of seeing Donald Trump everywhere you turn these days, then we’ve got some terrible news for you!” states the satirical magazine, which was first published in 1952.

“The cover of this year’s edition of the MAD 20 — featuring the dumbest people, events and things of 2015 — is graced by none other than The Donald himself.

“As Trump would say, it’s going to be TREMENDOUS!”

Also featured on the list is “The Jinx” subject Robert Durst at No. 8, with the “Durst-Case Scenario Handbook.”

The special issue of the humor mag goes on sale Dec. 15.

See the cover below.

MAD Magazine