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Donald Trump Totally Wigs Out in New ‘SNL’ Promo (Video)

Someone finally came up with a more ridiculous hairstyle for the GOP presidential candidate

Try not to flip your wig, Donald Trump.

The GOP presidential candidate, who hosts “Saturday Night Live” this week, sports slightly-more-ridiculous-than-usual hair in a new promo for the episode.

In the clip, Trump plops an outrageous blond-and-brunet wig on top of his melon. The hairpiece is meant to mimic the one worn by the episode’s musical guest, Sia — though he comes off as half-Cruella de Vil, half-Cousin It, and half demented Tribble. (Yes, we’re aware; that’s three halves, but the get-up is just that awesome.)

“Sia, I love this hair!” Trump says in the promo.

Well, it’s definitely not low-energy.

Watch Trump wig out in the video.