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Donald Trump Gets Caught Peeking at Melania’s Ballot, Becomes Instant Meme (Photo)

”Just checking…“ one Twitter user captions viral photo

Donald Trump appeared to sneak a peek at his wife Melania’s ballot when the couple voted side by side Tuesday morning.

The moment, captured by CNN cameras, immediately caught the attention of Twitter, which promptly turned it into the first big meme of Election Day.

“‘Sweetie. I didn’t grab all of ‘em. Maybe two? But…just…don’t. Please? Okay. That’s cool. That’s fair. She’ll make a good president,'” one user imagined the Republican presidential nominee saying.

“Melania’s #WithHer,” quipped another, referencing Hillary Clinton’s slogan #ImWithHer.

Another twitterer found Trump’s son, Eric Trump, making a similar move, saying, “Like father, like son.”

The Republican presidential nominee, Melania and daughter Ivanka voted at a public school in Midtown Manhattan. Arriving at their polling place to a chorus of cheers and boos, the family was also besieged by a pair of topless protesters who repeatedly chanted, “Out of our polls, Trump” before being hauled off by authorities.

Check out the memes below.