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Donald Trump Spoofs ‘Pokemon Go’ With ‘Crooked Hillary NO’ Campaign Ad (Video)

The 13-second video starts off with Clinton being captured by a Pokeball

Even Donald Trump has “Pokemon Go” fever, as his campaign released a Facebook video titled “Cooked Hillary NO” that imitates the popular game with Hillary Clinton taking Pokemon’s role.

The 13-second video, released Thursday before news broke of the attack in Nice, France, starts off with Clinton being captured by a Pokeball similar to the way users of the augmented-reality mobile game would catch Pokemon monsters.

The video offers some Pokemon-type stats for the presumptive Democratic nominee, with “career politician” listed as her types and “30,000 emails deleted” as a key statistic.

“Often found lying to the America people, rigging the system, and sharing TOP SECRET emails,” the ad says of former Secretary of State, also listing her next evolution as “unemployed.”

On Thursday, Clinton also mentioned Pokemon when she made a joke during a rally in Virginia.

“I’m trying to figure out how we get them to have ‘Pokemon Go’ to the polls,” Clinton said.

The U.S. has become obsessed in the last week with “Pokemon Go,” a free “augmented reality” game for iOS and Android smart devices in which players must physically move around the real world in order to capture Pokemon, which are fantastical creatures from the ever-popular video game/collectible card game/anime franchise of the same name.

Ironically, Clinton released a video earlier this week based on Trump being a poor role model for children.