Female Donald Trump Supporter to His Sexual Assault Accusers: ‘Get Over It’ (Video)

“You know, it’s been a lot of years,” she tells CNN

Donald Trump
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A Wisconsin voter told CNN’s Randi Kaye on Tuesday that woman who accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment need to “grow a set” and “get over it.”

“I think those women need to grow a set, personally,” Trump supporter Carol Robertson said when asked about the accusations that have come to light in recent weeks. “You know, it’s been a lot of years. Get over it.”

Trump supporters defended his character at the Eau Claire rally while many of them were quick to bash Hillary Clinton. One supporter referred his Trump’s character as “awesome, beautiful” and said he “has the character of god.”

“Donald Trump was the man that god chose,” one supporter told CNN while another said, “I think we’ve all fallen short of what god expects of us. We’ve all missed the mark. So, he missed the mark a few times.”

One woman said the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape of Trump making lewd sexual comments doesn’t bother her, while another man said Trump isn’t perfect but he isn’t looking for perfect.

“I’m looking for someone to save this country,” he said.

The rally also featured Trump protestors but the answers provided by supporters appeared to outnumber the critics in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.