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Donald Trump Retweets Mass Bashing of ‘EPIC FAIL’ Chris Cuomo After CNN Interview

GOP frontrunner endorses scathing criticisms levied by his fans against the “New Day” anchor

CNN’s Chris Cuomo found out on Tuesday that the Donald always has the last word — even if he lets his supporters do the talking.

In a “New Day” interview, Trump said he’s not leaving the GOP race: “I’m not going anywhere. I’m leading every poll, and I’m going to make our country great again.”

He also railed against the media: “The media is so dishonest, it’s so disgusting… I’m not getting out, I’m going to win.”

But moments after the CNN anchor concluded the interview, Trump made it clear he didn’t think it went well, and retweeted a series of scathing criticisms levied against Cuomo from viewers, who were obviously Trump fans.

Trump then retweeted a Pew Poll that shows him with a commanding 25 percent polling number atop the GOP presidential field.

After the interview, Cuomo asked on the air what he did to set off the Donald.

“Why does that make me unprofessional and terrible?” Cuomo asked regarding pressing Trump on his poll numbers and whether he’ll stay in the race was an unprofessional line of questioning.

Trump shot back at Cuomo, saying the poll “contraction” he referenced was only in the CNN anchor’s mind and that he was cherry picking which polls to use.