Donald Trump to Sign GOP Loyalty Pledge Eliminating Possibility of Indepedent Run

GOP frontunner changes his mind after declining to promise not to run a third-party campaign during Fox News’ first Republican debate

Last Updated: September 3, 2015 @ 7:30 AM

Donald Trump has reversed course on declining to promise not to run as an Independent presidential candidate, and will sign a GOP loyalty pledge on Thursday.

Politico reported Trump changed his mind in order to fight off further attacks and debate questions about his dedication to winning the presidency as a Republican. He also wants to avoid issues in getting listed on primary ballots.

The move could serve as a huge boost to the GOP frontrunner by putting many on-the-fence Republican voters’ minds at ease over him, ultimately making it easier for them to vote for him.

Trump infamously began the first GOP presidential debate on Fox News standing out on his own island as the only candidate on stage to raise his hand when asked by Bret Baier if they won’t pledge to only run as a Republican.

He said he wouldn’t do so because he believes in having leverage.

But with five months to go before the Iowa Caucus, it is a wise move for Trump to put the issue to bed and beef up his Republican Bona Fides.


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