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Donald Trump Wages Twitter Tirade Against ‘Dummies’ at ‘Failing’ Wall Street Journal

”When and how are the dummies at the @WSJ going to apologize to me for their totally incorrect Editorial on me,“ real estate mogul tweets

Updated, Nov. 12, 10:15 a.m. PT

The Wall Street Journal’s editor for the editorial page Paul Gigot issued the following statement to TheWrap.

“We stand by the editorial, which is accurate, though Mr. Trump is welcome to write a letter to the editor in response. On Tuesday we published his op-ed on China’s currency policies.”


Donald Trump delivered a stinging Twitter tirade against The Wall Street Journal on Thursday in response to an editorial the paper wrote criticizing his debate performance and policies on trade.

The editorial, titled “Republican Fault Lines,” accused the real estate mogul of being blurry on the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

During the debate, Sen. Rand Paul chided Trump for seeming to not know that China wasn’t involved in the deal.

In addition to noting that Trump mixed up of the trade deal’s partners, the Journal criticized his calls to label China a currency manipulator if he becomes president.

“The businessman thinks economic mercantilism is a political winner, but we doubt that starting a trade war that raises prices for Americans would turn out to be popular,” the piece said.

Well, the Donald was having none of it, firing off a series of tweets targeted at the “dummies” at the Journal.