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Donald Trump vs. ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezniski: A Timeline

As recently as six months ago, the MSNBC hosts were dealing with accusations of Trump favoritism. What happened?

“Morning Joe” is hardly the only recipient of Twitter attacks from Donald Trump. But this morning, the shots from The Donald came thick and fast, with a personal edge, describing hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski as clowns and calling Brzezinski Scarborough’s “very insecure long-time girlfriend.”

Yet as recently as six months ago, the “Morning Joe” hosts were being accused of going soft on the candidate because of a cozy relationship. So when did it all go bad?

Here’s a timeline of their relationship:

February 2016:

CNN reports on concerns at MSNBC parent company NBC Universal over the seemingly closeness between Republican presidential candidate and the two “Morning Joe” hosts. 

March 2016:

Scarborough further addresses whether he is pro-Trump on March 1.

May 2016:

A mere two days after appearing on “Morning Joe” to discuss his Indiana primary win, Trump appears to have suffered a change of heart after Scarborough says on-air that he won’t be voting for Trump and brings up the idea of a third-party candidate, prompting this response:

June 2016:

First, Trump objects to what Brzezinski says on-air on June 3 about the GOP establishment supporting Trump.

On June 8, Trump once again goes off on “Morning Joe,” this time after Scarborough — and indeed, Brzezinski and two other panelists — deems Trump’s comments about a judge of Mexican descent “completely racist” on the June 6 episode.

August 2016:

Scarborough kicks the hornet’s nest on Aug. 3 by relating an anecdote he heard from one of Trump’s foreign policy advisors that Trump had asked three times why the U.S. couldn’t use nuclear weapons. That sets off a fresh round of Twitter barbs.

Just 18 days later, Trump manages to mention the show without a pejorative attached on Aug. 21. (Trump’s wrath falls instead on former ad man Donny Deutsch, whose recent USA comedy “Donny!” only lasted one season.)

Not 12 hours later, Trump goes after the “Morning Joe” co-hosts and accuses them of a secret romantic relationship. The Donald giveth, and the Donald taketh away.