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Whoopi Goldberg to Donald Trump: ‘I Ain’t Going Nowhere, This Is My Country’ (Video)

The ”View“ moderator clarifies: Now she’s NOT leaving the country if GOP frontunner becomes president

Sorry, Donald Trump — you won’t be president of a Whoopi Goldberg-less country after all. No Lena Dunham? Well, that might be another story.

On Wednesday, the “View” moderator clarified previous remarks she made about leaving the United States if the GOP frontrunner wins November’s general election. Apparently, she didn’t mean it, and the ex-“Apprentice” host should have seen her previous clarification on Twitter.

“I assume Donald that you miss me, and that’s why you continue to bring me up,” she started in on the billionaire. “And I can’t help but continue to see you, so, hi, babe!”

While waving emphatically to the businessman-turned-politician, Goldberg told him: “Don’t depend on me leaving, honey.”

“I ain’t going nowhere, this is my country,” she continued. “I’ve been here since the 1700’s.”

Watch the video above.