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Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucuses by Landslide

Marco Rubio leads Ted Cruz for second place

Donald Trump is one step closer to representing the GOP in November’s presidential election.

Trump won the Nevada caucus on Tuesday night, according to the Associated Press, leading by large margins in all voting blocks, including evangelicals, moderates, college graduates and those without a college degree. The billionaire real estate mogul has now won three straight states, after topping the field in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were still battling it out for second with Rubio in the lead.

According to a CNN entrance poll, 69 percent of voters had their minds made up in advance while 31 percent decided this week. CNN’s entrance poll also notes that 39 percent of voters attended “some college,” while 12 percent attended “high school or less.”

A large number of older attendees showed up to the caucuses, according to polling, about 35 percent of caucus goers being 65 or older and about 65 percent older than 45.

NBC News’ entrance poll also found that 61 percent of caucus-goers preferred the next president to be from outside the political establishment, while only 33 percent wanted someone with political experience. The poll also showed 31 percent of voters identified as white evangelicals.

The night got off to a rocky start, with reporters on the ground lighting up Twitter with examples of disorganization, chaos and blatant disregard for the rules.

The Nevada Republican Party disputed reports of irregularities at its caucuses Tuesday evening.

CNN also reported ballot shortages and identifications going unchecked, while voters and journalists noted some organizers were wearing Trump and Rubio gear. Others pointed to the fact that ballots included the names of candidates who have already dropped out of the race.