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#TrumpWon Amuses Liberal Twitter After Presidential Debate: ‘I Needed That Laugh’

Donald Trump gets mocked mercilessly following Monday night’s debate with Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton Monday night at the first presidential debate of the general election, and #TrumpWon was the top trend on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

While a number of online polls, like that on the homepage of the Drudge Report, said that Donald Trump came out ahead in his first face-to-face clash with Hillary Clinton, the hashtag was mostly used to mock the very idea that the GOP candidate had bested his Democratic rival.

A CNN poll, however, has Clinton winning, while many cables news pundits called the debate in favor of Clinton, as well. Focus groups conducted by both CNN and Fox News also favored Clinton.

The reactions to #TrumpWon certainly indicate there are plenty of others who think Clinton clobbered her opponent, too. Take a look at a sampling of the tweets below.