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Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Hit All-Time Low

A majority of Americans also believe Trump’s administration had ”improper contacts“ with Russia, according to Pew Research poll

Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen to 32 percent, its lowest point since early February (39 percent) just after he took office.

A majority of Americans now believe that senior members of Trump’s administration “definitely or probably had improper contacts with Russia during last year’s presidential campaign.” The country remains divided along party lines on the Russia scandal, with only 26 percent of Republican or Republican-leaning independents agreeing with that sentiment.

The figure is based on a Pew Research Center national survey, conducted between Nov. 29 and Dec. 4. The survey factored in the importance of the Russia investigation and whether Robert Mueller will conduct his investigation fairly. Over half of Americans are very or somewhat confident Mueller will conduct a fair investigation.

Among Trump’s supporters, 37 percent say Trump has done something to disappoint them, with about a quarter upset with his personal style, and 14 percent specifically bothered by his use of Twitter and social media. Only 76 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance overall, down from 84 percent in February.

Pew also says the president’s standing has declined with older adults, whites and white evangelical protestants since February. His support among Democrats has remained relatively static.

View the full survey at the Pew Research Center.