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Trump Tweet About ‘Negative Press Covfefe’ Earns Negative Press Coverage

The president delights Twitter with misspelled, incomplete message

Was President Trump falling asleep on his laptop Tuesday night? His incomplete tweet about “covfefe” received endless covfefe – er, coverage.

We think he was trying to say “coverage” before he just gave up mid-tweet.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” Donald Trump tweeted shortly after 9 p.m. PT.

As of this writing the tweet has been up for more than an hour, despite seemingly everyone on Twitter making fun of it.

The confusing, misspelled message sparked an immediate “WTF?!?” reaction from social media, catapulting “covfefe” to the top of the Twitter trends as people tried to figure out what on earth it meant.

“Quick, someone grab him by the #covfefe and end this madness,” one user said.

While another asked: “Kathy Griffin, what did you do?”

Someone even used it as inspiration to launch a GoFundMe campaign. “On May 30th, Donald Trump created “covfefe,” and no one has any idea as to what it means. As “covfefe” spreads across the world, let’s raise awareness for Trump’s stupid tweets and raise money for Planned Parenthood!” the person wrote.

See some of the funniest tweets below.


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