Donald Trump’s Hillary Clinton Attack Ad Looks Like an Uwe Boll Trailer (Video)

Presumptive GOP nominee’s new spot gives voters a taste of what the general election might look like … and it ain’t pretty

Donald Trump has been saying for months that he hasn’t “even started” going after Hillary Clinton, promising to save his best stuff for the general election.

His latest anti-Clinton ad, released on Tuesday, is a cross between “Curse of Chucky” and “Friday the 13th,” only not as highbrow.

The video starts with Clinton’s infamous Benghazi speech, in which she claimed the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Libya were a response to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. The ad then shows the American compound in flames, followed by victims’ family members saying Clinton lied to them about why their loved ones were killed.

The ad then ends with a superimposed image of Clinton laughing over the burning ruins of the consulate.

We’re guessing Trump must really like that ending because he’s used it before. If there’s one thing that can be said about the man, it’s that he knows how to wring every last drop out of a gag.

You can check out the ad below (Warning: Some people may feel the urge to jump into the shower after watching).

Hillary has bad judgment!

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