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Donald Trump’s Security Hits Mexican Immigrant In The Face

”It’s like the way his boss behaves: pushing out ­Ramos from Univision,“ Efraín Galicia says

If Donald Trump wants to make gains with the Latino vote, he might want to tell his security detail.

The GOP frontrunner’s body men physically hit a Mexican immigrant in the face who was protesting outside Trump Tower on Thursday. Efraín Galicia, 50, was holding up a sign that read “Make America Racist Again” when Trump’s security bear yanked the sign.

Galicia, a U.S. citizen for 30 years, said the real estate mogul’s body men were acting like their boss: “It’s like the way his boss behaves: pushing out ­Ramos from Univision,” he told the New York Post. “These guys, his servants, they think they can do the same thing.”

The tussle intensified after the security guard yanked the sign, prompting him to run after the guard and grab him. That’s when the guard popped Galicia.

The Trump campaign said the security guard, whose name was not revealed, was “jumped from behind” and that the campaign would likely be pressing charges.

On Thursday, Trump signed a pledge to the Republican Party to run only on the GOP ticket and rule out a third-party run.