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‘DOOM’ Video Game Reboot Unveils Bloody Campaign Trailer, Release Date (Video)

Bethesda Softworks drop a very bloody campaign trailer for gory game

Prepare to meet “DOOM” on May 13.

Bethesda Softworks dropped a very bloody campaign trailer on Thursday, along with the video game reboot’s release date.┬áThe ID Software first-person shooter is one of the goriest games we’ve seen in a while — which is to say, it looks awesome.

The action-packed campaign trailer cycles through assaults via guns, a chainsaw, and some good old-fashioned head stomping. At one point, our hero rips out a monster’s eye with his bare hands. At another, he snaps off an enemy’s fang and stabs him to death with it.

In the end, however, death and dismemberment comes from above, courtesy of a terrifying demon.

Watch the trailer above.