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‘Downton Abbey’ Alum Dan Stevens Is One Creepy Soldier in ‘The Guest’ Teaser (Video)

Adam Wingard (”You’re Next“) directed the thriller

“Downton Abbey” star Dan Stevens is a far cry from an English gentleman in the first teaser trailer for Adam Wingard‘s “The Guest.”

Stevens plays a creepy American who shows up on a family’s doorstep one day and says he’s a soldier friend of their fallen son. They invite him into their home and into their lives, but start to regret it after connecting his presence to seemingly accidental deaths.

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The short trailer (above) shows Stevens stalking around a rural town while pointing plenty of guns at the camera and thoroughly creeping out the family dumb enough to trust him.

“The Guest” is Wingard’s follow-up to his smart and fun home-invasion movie, “You’re Next,” which was also written by screenwriter Simon Barrett.

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The suspense thriller premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and is being distributed in theaters by Picturehouse this fall.