‘Downton Abbey’ EP Gareth Neame Says a Movie ‘Could Be a Wonderful Thing’

TCA 2015: On a potential feature film, co-creator tells reporters, “We might. There are no firms plans about that at all”

Gareth Neame

“Downton Abbey” has just two weeks of production left, and TV critics were treated to a final season teaser Saturday at the summer TCA press tour. Naturally, the happy threat of a feature film to follow Season 6 was a hot topic at hand.

“We might,” a guarded Executive Producer Gareth Neame told reporters of a possible movie. “There are no firms plans about that at all.”

Later, he added: “I think a ‘Downton’ movie could be a wonderful thing.”

On the small screen, while Season 6 will say goodbye to the entire cast, the final run will also pay homage to characters killed off earlier.

“The last season is reflective of all six seasons,” Neame said during the Television Critics Association event. “I think we’ve never lost the memory of Matthew and Cybil.”

“We try to make the world very accurate,” he explained. “A family does talk about the departed members.”

The aging offspring of those deceased family members will also become actual characters in Season 6, as opposed to just existing as babies to family members, Neame added.

Season 6 will premiere on Jan. 3, 2016 on PBS.