‘Downton Abbey’s’ Lady Mary Fights Modern Crime With Old World Class in New Spoof (Video)

Michelle Dockery trades the English countryside for the streets in new FunnyorDie sketch

Lady Mary is the new sheriff in town in a new FunnyorDie video starring “Downton Abbey’s” Michelle Dockery.

In the spoof, Dockery takes on a new role as a Det. Connie Tough opposite crime drama vet Michael Chiklis in a new TNT cop drama, “Tough Justice.”

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But it takes more than a pantsuit to deliver Dockery from Lady Mary’s 1920s world.

Lady Mary reappears at the most inopportune times — whether the character is fighting crime, investigating murders and covering her partner in a shootout.

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The spoof arrives just days before the American premiere of “Downton Abbey” on PBS this Sunday. And the video must be a welcome departure for Dockery from the grieving Lady Mary of Season 4.

Watch the video above.