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Larry Wilmore Tries Ben Carson’s Campaign Rap Song, But ‘Can’t Listen to This Sh-t’ (Video)

”This is just ridiculous,“ Comedy Central’s ”Nightly Show“ host says after just a few seconds

You can pretty much remove any hope of landing Larry Wilmore’s vote, Dr. Ben Carson.

The “Nightly Show” host is anything but down with the GOP candidate’s latest campaign stunt — an embarrassing rap song that should probably bury the brain surgeon’s political career.

“Ben Carson, no! But, yes!” Wilmore started on Thursday. “I have to hear this.”

The Comedy Central personality then put on his appropriate “rap-listening equipment,” which included dark shades, a sideways hat and an afro pick. That last piece didn’t last long for the bald Wilmore. After he was geared up, a massive boombox blared the terrible tune — but not for long.

“I can’t listen to this sh-t,” Wilmore said after just a few seconds. “I can’t. This is just ridiculous.”

“Come on, Ben Carson — a rap song?” Wilmore continued. “Is it so hard to get the black vote? You’re the black candidate! You’re in danger of losing it now!”

Watch the video: