Mike Myers’ Dr Evil Reveals He’s Running for Congress on a 5-Point ‘Eviltarian’ Platform (Video)

Vote Evil if you want “Baby Shark” to be your new national anthem

Dr. Evil, is that you?

“No, it’s a White Cory Booker. Of course it’s me, numbnuts!” Mike Myers’ alter ego shouted at host Jimmy Fallon, when the iconic “Austin Powers” villain showed up on the “Tonight Show” Monday to declare his latest evil scheme: getting into politics.

Dr. Evil wasted in no time in announcing he’s intent to run for congress in today’s midterm elections, as an “Eviltarian,” of course, with the ultimate goal to “Make America Evil Again.”

(If you are wondering how he’s even eligible to run for a U.S. seat, seeing as he lives in a secret lair inside a volcano, Dr. Evil clarified his state-of-the-art hideout is actually based in Rhode Island.)

“It’s 2018. Evil’s ‘in’ right now. It’s ‘hip,’” the bald villain told Fallon. “It’s like playing Fortnite while slamming a Tide Pod and doing the Shiggy Challenge.”

Dr. Evil confessed he was hoping for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s job, but Trump said he was “too even-tempered” for that role.

The bald villain went on to announce the 5-point evil platform he’s running on, which includes legalizing marijuana and changing the national anthem from the “Star-Spangled Banner” to “Baby Shark.”

Watch the clip above.