Watch Dana Carvey Commit to His ‘Don’t F– With Me’ Impression of ‘Tough Guy’ Dr. Anthony Fauci (Video)

Carvey’s Fauci impression thinks Carvey’s Biden impression is even “more over the top”

Dana Carvey revealed on Tuesday’s “Late Show” that his impression of Dr. Anthony Fauci sounds less like everyone’s favorite infectious disease expert and more like a character from “The Godfather.” But that makes it even more hilarious to watch.

In the video above, you’ll see the comedian whip out his best version of Fauci for host Stephen Colbert. When he wraps it up about a minute later, Colbert says, “I was really surprised to learn just now that Dr. Fauci was one of the men who murdered Luca Brasi.”

“It’s not my most accurate impression,” Carvey admitted, laughing. “It’s creative license. Remember all those lessons I imparted onto you. Remember, I said, ‘Stephen, you just pick a path, and you do the impression.’”

And that’s exactly what Carvey said he did here with Fauci, because that “tough guy” voice is “just a feeling” he got from Fauci.

“Here’s my origin on my Fauci,” Carvey told Colbert. “I read about him on a basketball team. He’s 5-foot-4. They said he was a really rough and tumble guard. He’d fly into the stands, he was always fighting. And then I looked at him, he’s been the head of the epidemiology or whatever it is for 40 years, he’s gotta have sharp elbows. And I thought, underneath that nice-guy scientist, he’s kind of a tough guy.”

Carvey then launched back into his Fauci: “You know what, don’t f— with me? You know what I’m saying? You can do whatever you want, I don’t know who I am. But you know what? From the bottom of my heart, Stephen, go f— yourself.”

Colbert and his guest then did their respective versions of Biden, with Carvey describing his take on POTUS as “the sincere guy.”

“There’s a lot there if you just don’t worry about the fact that he’s 78, he gets a little confused sometimes, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking him personally. But you have to acknowledge that, he’s just — ‘We’re going to try, we’re doing things, you know, and come on, here’s the deal, I’m not kidding around. No joke, folks.’”

Carvey’s Dr. Fauci then interrupted to give his review of the impersonation.

“I saw his Biden, it was more over the top than my impression. Go f— yourself.”


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