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Dr. Oz Teaches Jimmy Fallon and No Studio Audience How to Wash Hands Like a Surgeon (Video)

There’s the ”Turkish Twist“ and the ”Tony Thumb“

Last Updated: March 13, 2020 @ 1:29 PM

Jimmy Fallon may not have had a live studio audience on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” but he did have Dr. Oz, who educated NBC viewers on the coronavirus.

The doctor and television personality dropped by 30 Rock on last-minute notice to teach “how a surgeon washes their hands,” explaining to Fallon that “most people don’t want their hands right.”

The late-night host then demonstrated a particularly “terrible” — Oz’s word, but also how we would describe it — way of lathering up. So count Fallon among that whole “most people” group.

Oz showed Fallon his O.R. moves, like the “Turkish Twist” and the “Tony Thumb.” Fallon, who said he didn’t “want to end up a meme,” stopped mimicking Oz’s silly-looking-but-effective maneuvers right around the thumb part.

Hey, it’s still a comedy show.

And then there was “Grease the Palm,” which sounds like a punch-blocking maneuver straight out of “The Karate Kid.”

Finally, you “use a paper towel to turn off the sink and get the door open, and then you exit,” Oz said. “If you do that, [washing hands correctly] by itself, halves the chance of you getting the coronavirus, we believe.”

The medical professional then ran down the list of common physical symptoms that manifest in an individual who has contracted COVID-19.

“If you start to feel a high fever, a lot of lethargy — tiredness — with that,” Oz said. “If you have a dry cough, or some people get diarrhea, then there’s a reasonable chance that you’ve got coronavirus.”

“Please don’t go rushing off to the emergency room — you’ll completely overwhelm the system,” he added. “Just call your doc if you’re worried — stay home though.”

That’s the whole key to keeping the pandemic from spreading faster than we can treat it, which could buy the medical community the time it so desperately needs.

Watch the video above.