Dr. Oz to Governors: Have More Sex (Video)

Oz tells National Governors Association to have more sex to prolong lifespans

Politicians don't like to talk about sex — a word usually proceeded by "scandal" — but that didn't stop Dr. Oz from telling a room full of governors to have more of it during a talk broadcast on C-SPAN2 Monday morning.

The celebrity cardiothoracic surgeon spoke about the balance between personal and state responsibility for health care during the National Governors Association's Winter Meeting.

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When his audience went silent during a Q&A session, Oz took it upon himself to discuss an issue he said he had raised with a few of the governors' spouses.

"The average American is intimate once a week," Oz said. "If you can go from once a week, to twice a week — which is very achievable for this highly performing group of individuals — we would actually increase your life expectancy three years and it would be a lot more fun."

In summary, politicians: Sex with your spouse is good. Sex with interns? Still bad.

Watch the video: