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Watch Dr. Phil Crash Meghan Trainor’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ (Video)

She’s ”All About That Bass,“ and all about his talk show

Last Updated: January 31, 2020 @ 7:49 AM

Meghan Trainor’s first “Carpool Karaoke” experience with James Corden was crashed by talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, and she couldn’t have been happier about it.

The “All About That Bass” singer let out a squeal of delight when she glimpsed Dr. Phil getting into the back seat of Corden’s car through the side mirror.

“I’m gonna throw up. I’m so excited. Your teeth look so good,” she told the amused talk show host.

Moments before McGraw arrived, Trainor confessed to Corden that she watches his show on YouTube every morning and that she’s seen every episode “multiple times.”

After she had gotten over the shock of meeting her hero, the singer opened up about her own struggles with mental health.

“I wrote an album called ‘Treat Myself’ because I went through panic disorder,” she said. “I was in the red zone of anxiety, where it was giving me hot flashes. Two years later I’m slaying. But I was uneducated about what anxiety could do to your body.”

Dr. Phil nodded in understanding.

“Isn’t it great that you’re willing to talk about it? There’s a lot of people who go through this and go, ‘Oh, no, I got a stigma, I don’t want to talk about it.’ But when you talk about it, you have no idea how many millions of people will say, ‘Well if she can talk about it, I can talk about it.’ When you talk about it, it gives it a face, it gives it a voice,” McGraw responded.

Before he left, he gave them one piece of advice.

“If you figure out why people do what they do and don’t do what they don’t do, then you have a huge leg up on life,” he said. “Pay attention. We don’t listen to each other enough anymore. And listen to Meghan. Don’t forget, she’s got a new album coming out.”