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Dr. Phil Diagnoses Kanye West on ‘Late Late Show’ (Video)

”You can’t be that wrong that many times in a row unless you’re working at it,“ TV shrink says of outspoken rapper

Been wondering what the deal is with Kanye West, anyway? Don’t worry — you’re not alone. And also, rejoice, because Dr. Phil has some answers for you.

Appearing on CBS’ “Late Late Show With James Corden” Monday night, TV shrink Phil McGraw took a shot at dissecting West’s behavior, which lately has consisted of a barrage of Twitter tirades.

McGraw opined that West suffers from a common malady these days: The narcissistic tendency to post one’s every move on social media.

“You can’t be that wrong that many times in a row unless you’re working at it,” McGraw said of West.

McGraw did admit that West’s social-media blowups are an effective attention-getting technique, but nonetheless tut-tutted society’s tendency to over-share. “We’re in a generation now where everybody thinks you need to have an audience for everything,” McGraw said. “Listen, I don’t need to know that you just brushed your teeth, and I don’t need a picture of it.”

He also cautioned that posting one’s thoughts on social media has its perils.

“Now, you say something incredibly stupid, and it just goes wall to wall and they’re reading it in China in five seconds,” McGraw said. “It just goes all over the place. You used to be stupid and get away with it.”

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