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Dr. Phil Helps Putin and Obama Talk About Their Feelings on ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

Jimmy Fallon brought back his Putin impression for an extended therapy session

The “Tonight Show” is such a happy place these days, even international conflict can get worked out during the 11:30 time slot on NBC.

Jimmy Fallon busted out his devious Vladimir Putin impression again on Thursday, and brought on his expert President Obama impersonator for a session with special guest Dr. Phil. What a hero, that guy.

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Obviously, there’s a lot of built-up resentment between the two world leaders — the Ukraine is just the latest snafu — and so it was never going to be easy for the two to fix the relationship. But, thanks to a bit of 90’s nostalgia — this is Jimmy Fallon‘s show, after all — it seems like world peace may yet be a possibility.