Dr. Phil Gets Shredded for ‘Exploitative’ Shelley Duvall Interview

TV host is “pathetic” and “appallingly cruel,” critics say

shelley duvall dr phil

Shelley Duvall fans are not happy about Dr.Phil McGraw’s interview with the actress, accusing the TV host of “exploiting” the actress’ battle with mental illness.

On Wednesday, a preview of the interview surfaced on the internet, featuring a nearly unrecognizable Duvall claiming that her “Popeye” co-star Robin Williams, who committed suicide in 2014, is still alive, and that she’s been threatened by “the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

Reaction was swift and brutal on Twitter.

“Very sad to hear abt Shelley Duvall’s mental illness battle but even more disgusted w @DrPhil for exploiting her #cbs #shame #shelleyduvall,” one outraged detractor wrote.

“Honestly @DrPhil is pathetic. Exploiting Shelley Duvall isn’t only cheap, but its a low blow. She’s ill. She doesn’t need this,” another weighed in.

“Shame on @DrPhil for exploiting Shelley Duvall. Someone’s mental health issues are NOT entertainment,” went another response.

A Twitter account purporting to belong to the daughter of Stanley Kubrick — who directed Duvall in “The Shining” — went so far as to call for a boycott of the interview.

“You are putting Shelly [sic] Duvall ‘on show’ while she is suffering from a pitiable state of ill health. Unquestionably, this is purely a form of lurid and exploitative entertainment — it’s appallingly cruel,” a Twitter user identified as Vivian Kubrick wrote in an open letter to the talk show host.

“I recoil in complete disgust. I hope others will join me in boycotting your utterly heartless form of entertainment, because it has nothing to do with compassionate healing,” Kubrick continued.

McGraw’s full interview with Duvall is scheduled to air on Friday. Read the backlash below.