Netflix’s ‘Dream Home Makeover’: Meet Your New Favorite Interior Designer, Shea McGee (Video)

Make room, Joanna Gaines

Netflix is wiping its feet on HGTV’s welcome mat with new home redesign series, “Dream Home Makeover.”

The six-episode series from production studio Goodbye Pictures follows Syd and Shea McGee, who are raising two daughters and building their own dream home while simultaneously running businesses Studio McGee and McGee and Co.

Yeah, the McGees have their hands full.

Each half-hour episode of “Dream Home Makeover” features one client’s home design project — and the budgets are all over the place.

“Whether our clients have $2 million or $20,000, I want them all to feel that sense of peace when they walk in the door,” Shea McGee says in the show’s trailer.

LOL, $2 million. You really wanna wow us? Whatcha got for like $350, Shea? (We know, we know: It’s TV.)

Watch the “Dream Home Makeover” trailer via the video above.

And here more synopsis, straight from Netflix: Syd and Shea McGee started documenting their signature rustic interior design style and home renovations on Instagram back in 2010 and grew their social media presence into two thriving businesses: Studio McGee and McGee and Co. “Dream Home Makeover” melds together the personal side of the McGee’s, what it’s like to raise their two daughters and build their own dream home, along with the day to day of running a successful business. Each episode features one home design project that ranges from budget-friendly living room upgrades to full home renovations where money isn’t an object. The McGee’s have been able to straddle both worlds by effortlessly applying the same set of principles to every project, creating jaw-dropping interiors that are unfussy, accessible, and breathtakingly simple at any level of the budget ladder — it’s the perfect aspirational design series with relatable tips for viewers looking to bring beauty into their own abodes.

“Dream Home Makeover” debuts Friday, Oct. 16 on Netflix.


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