‘Dredd’ Trailer: Justice, Judge Dredd Style

"Dredd" reanimates comic book character Judge Dredd with Karl Urban in the title role

Get ready for a new Judge Dredd.

Karl Urban, of "The Bourne Supremacy" and "The Lord of the Rings" fame, takes his turn as the comic-book character last animated by Sylvester Stallone in the upcoming action-adventure ride "Dredd."

"Dredd" — director Pete Travis' take on the source material shared by the 1995 critical bomb "Judge Dredd" (think 15% on Rotten Tomatoes) starring Stallone — takes place in a dystopian futuristic society in which cops occupy judge, jury and executioner roles. 

Judge Dredd and police trainee Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) then use this authority to attempt to take down a group of drug dealers, headed by Madeline 'Ma-Ma' Madrigal (Lena Headey of "Game of Thrones"), who have taken over the city and are selling the potent drug SLO-MO.

So if you're ready for a new kind of justice system, mark your calendar for the film's Sept. 21 debut. Until then, check out the trailer below.

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