Drew Barrymore Flips Lips With Jimmy Fallon, Sings ‘Grease’ Classic (Video)

The “Blended” star made fun of Fallon’s New York heritage, while he teased her free-spirited nature.

Drew Barrymore proved she was game to get silly on “The Tonight Show” when she was the one to propose a game of “Lip Flip” with Jimmy Fallon. What she actually said was that she’d kind of always wanted to interview herself, but Fallon could think of no better way to do this than with one of his favorite games.

It’s inexplicable why such a silly bit is always funny, but it absolutely is. Through the crude magic of television, Barrymore’s lips were cut and pasted onto Fallon’s face, and vice-versa.

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And yet, when she finally got to speak as Fallon, Barrymore didn’t start asking herself questions. She spent a great deal of time just saying ridiculous things like, “Pizza, pizza, pizza, sometimes I just say ‘za,” and making incomprehensible noises that she clearly thought were representative of Fallon’s New York background.

When she finally asked Fallon’s “Drew Barrymore” what she was into, Fallon fully embraced Barrymore’s free-spirited persona for the answer. “You know what I’m really into right now?” he asked as her, before answering his own question. “Licking tree frogs.”

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It was all they could do to keep from laughing and ruining the bit. By the end, the pair came together in a duet of “You’re the One That I Want” from “Grease.” What followed was a split-screen that was equal parts hilarious and nightmarish as the two joyously butchered a musical classic.