Drew Barrymore Blasts Razzies Over Ryan Kiera Armstrong Gaffe: ‘Don’t Do This Again’

Actress, who starred in the ’80s “Firestarter,” said Armstrong’s nomination “made her blood boil”

Even though the Razzies have already apologized for nominating 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong of “Firestarter” as “Worst Actress” and taken her out of the running for this year’s parody awards, former child star Drew Barrymore let them have it on her talk show Thursday, saying that it “made her blood boil.”

Barrymore played the title role in the 1984 adaptation of the Stephen King novel when she was 9 years old and, naturally, feels protective of the remake’s child lead.

“This makes my blood boil,” she said in a segment on “The Drew Barrymore Show.” Although Razzie co-founder John Wilson stated they won’t nominate anyone 18 or younger going forward, Barrymore added, “Please don’t do this to people who are younger. That’s not nice. And I really like Ryan and as [someone who also played the title character in] ‘Firestarter,’ don’t do this again.”

Barrymore also said, “Listen, I get poking fun at ourselves, I mean, come on, fair game, bring it on, but Ryan is 12 years old… Apparently they’ve actually nominated a few children before but they didn’t get caught and this time they did, because the truth is in 1980 an industry-insider small awards ceremony without the power of social media was like, ‘Bring it on we can all handle it,’ but now it’s sort of another way to publicly allow others to shame them and ridicule them with platforms that maybe they couldn’t have anticipated back in the day. But now they know.”

Her cohost, Matt Ross, chimed in, “I am not messing with you. I love mama bear Drew.”

The parody awards previously nominated child stars including Gary Coleman in the ’80s and Macaulay Culkin in the ’90s

Watch the clip above.