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‘Drumline: A New Beat’ Is a New Disaster According to Social Media

Fans took to social media in droves to mock, deride and otherwise hate on VH1’s sequel to the 2002 box office hit

It’s been twelve years since “Drumline” became a box office hit, and maybe it was better to leave well enough alone. VH1 premiered a sequel to the college marching band film on Monday night, and it was impressively destroyed on social media almost instantly.

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The Twitter hashtag #Drumline2 continued trending into the night, long after the film had ended, and it was almost unanimously fueled by hate-filled and mocking posts. Nick Cannon, who starred as college student Devon Miles in the original, returned for a brief appearance in an otherwise wholly new story.

Like “Sharknado” before it, “Drumline 2” has become a social media sensation, but wherease the Syfy original movie embraced its campiness, one gets the impression that the creative team behind “Drumline: A New Beat” was hoping to make a movie that people actually enjoyed.

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There’s so-bad-it’s-good and then there’s just bad. And while “Sharknado’s” massive social media rating and pop culture buzz earned it an even campier sequel, @RevrendDoctor was quick to clarify that’s not what we want here, tweeting, “Dear @VH1 and makers of : please don’t mistake our watching this as us wanting a . We were bored and wanted family time.”

We’ve gathered some of the best of the worst insta-reviews of VH1’s latest original movie effort below.