‘Drumline: A New Beat’ Is a New Disaster According to Social Media

Fans took to social media in droves to mock, deride and otherwise hate on VH1’s sequel to the 2002 box office hit

Last Updated: October 27, 2014 @ 11:21 PM

It’s been twelve years since “Drumline” became a box office hit, and maybe it was better to leave well enough alone. VH1 premiered a sequel to the college marching band film on Monday night, and it was impressively destroyed on social media almost instantly.

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The Twitter hashtag #Drumline2 continued trending into the night, long after the film had ended, and it was almost unanimously fueled by hate-filled and mocking posts. Nick Cannon, who starred as college student Devon Miles in the original, returned for a brief appearance in an otherwise wholly new story.

Like “Sharknado” before it, “Drumline 2” has become a social media sensation, but wherease the Syfy original movie embraced its campiness, one gets the impression that the creative team behind “Drumline: A New Beat” was hoping to make a movie that people actually enjoyed.

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There’s so-bad-it’s-good and then there’s just bad. And while “Sharknado’s” massive social media rating and pop culture buzz earned it an even campier sequel, @RevrendDoctor was quick to clarify that’s not what we want here, tweeting, “Dear @VH1 and makers of : please don’t mistake our watching this as us wanting a . We were bored and wanted family time.”

We’ve gathered some of the best of the worst insta-reviews of VH1’s latest original movie effort below.