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‘Dude, You’re Screwed’ Peek: How a Speedo Becomes Handy in the Arctic (Exclusive Video)

A former Navy SEAL gets inventive when dropped into very harsh conditions on Discovery’s new survival show

With “Dude, You’re Screwed,” Discovery finds yet another twist on the survival show.

Over seven episodes, four highly trained survivalists kidnap another one of their own and drop him into one of the world’s toughest terrains with a few odd items and 100 hours to find civilization.

The “game” is a saucy way to inject new life into a now classic survival reality show. In addition to the learning by osmosis, the four men are base-camped nearby offering color commentary on how their colleague is faring, including some goodhearted laughs.

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On Sunday’s premiere, former Navy SEAL-turned-college football coach, Jake Zweig, is dropped in the Arctic – Iceland to be exact – with just a few survival tools he was able to get past the other guys during a brisk pat down and the some odd items the men have given him for a laugh — cue the pink teddy bear.

In TheWrap’s exclusive preview, Zweig puts one of those items to use and fulfills one of the aspects we’ve come to expect from these types of shows – random nudity.

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Watch how the former Navy SEAL uses a speedo in the cold Arctic above.

“Dude, You’re Screwed” premieres Sunday at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.