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Duggar Parents Tell Fox News’ Megyn Kelly: ‘We Were Devastated’ (Video)

“19 Kids and Counting” stars recall when son Josh came to them with confession

A new Fox News clip from Megyn Kelly’s interview with “19 Kids and Counting” stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was released on Wednesday, featuring the family matriarch admitting that the two were “devastated” when their son Josh revealed he had acted inappropriately with underage girls.

“I think as parents we felt, ‘We’re failures.’ You know, here we tried to raise our kids to do what’s right, to know what’s right, and yet one of our children made really bad choices,” Duggar tells Kelly in the clip. “And I think, as a parent, we were devastated.”

The snippet comes on the heels of a new report published by In Touch on Wednesday, revealing that Josh, now 27, had confessed to his father on three separate occasions, and that the Duggar family had waited more than a year to contact authorities.

Josh Duggar admitted in May that he had acted “inexcusably” as a teenager, after reports surfaced that he had been accused of sexually molesting multiple underage girls, some of his sisters being among them.

TLC has not announced whether it will cancel “19 Kids and Counting” yet, though episodes of the show have been pulled from the channel’s schedule and a slew of advertisers have withdrawn their support.

The Duggars’ interview will air on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.