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Dumb Starbucks Episode of ‘Nathan for You’ Takes Viewers Behind the Media Sensation (Video)

Comedy Central star Nathan Fielder caused a media furor with his Dumb Starbucks ”parody art gallery“ in February 2014

When Dumb Starbucks opened its doors in Los Angeles back in February, it became an instant media sensation as people speculated who was behind it and what it meant. Eventually, it was revealed that comedian Nathan Fielder was the mastermind behind the stunt, which he called “parody art.”

The latest episode of his Comedy Central show, “Nathan for You,” finally took his fans behind the scenes to watch the whole thing unfold.

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As revealed in the episode, Fielder stumbled upon the idea of using parody law to try and help a struggling coffee shop owner. He consulted a lawyer about the law, and even set about trying to establish himself as a parody artist to help his legal standing. He found some success when he set up a “parody art gallery” of pieces parodying corporate logos.

Feeling emboldened, he set about launching Dumb Starbucks, which was so much like the original that it caused both confusion and a national media furor. Within a few days, though, Dumb Starbucks had been shut down by the Los Angeles County Health Department for operating without a valid public health permit.

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Check out how he orchestrated the whole stunt in the clips below:

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