‘Dummies’ at Wall Street Journal Find Donald Trump Attack ‘Exhilarating’

“We haven’t had this much fun since Eliot Spitzer left office,” Journal’s editorial board writes

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Instead of the apology he sought, The Wall Street Journal decided to provide Donald Trump with something else — another piece criticizing his policies.

The editorial board wrote “Donald Trump Is Upset” on Thursday in response to the real estate mogul’s Twitter tirade against the Journal’s original piece criticizing his debate performance and trade proposals.

“Being attacked by Donald Trump is one of journalism’s more exhilarating experiences,” the editorial board wrote.

“We got the treatment on Thursday when he took to various TV shows and Twitter with his usual soft sell and demanded corrections, apologies and resignations after our editorial reference to his trade policy.”

The piece went on to joke, “We haven’t had this much fun since Eliot Spitzer left office.”

Trump went off on the Journal via Twitter on Thursday, calling its journalists “dummies” while claiming that it’s a failing publication (of course, it’s not).

But the Journal seemed indignant about the whole thing, continuing to suggest that Trump has no clue regarding details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

All’s quiet on the Trump Twitter front, but as reliable as the rising of the sun is the inevitable Trump response.