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Dwayne Johnson Demolishes Drug Dealers for Susan Sarandon in ‘Snitch’ Trailer (Video)

Action star Dwayne Johnson becomes an undercover informant for the federal government and — in no surprise to anybody — blows stuff up in the process.

Dwayne Johnson lays the smackdown on the drug trade in the first trailer for Summit Entertainment's "Snitch."

In a continued shift from family-friendly fare like "The Tooth Fairy," the "Fast Five" actor plays a suburban father who agrees to become an undercover informant for the feds after his teenage son is wrongly accused of drug distribution and faces 10 years in prison.

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Topping off the supporting cast, Susan Sarandon plays a U.S. attorney who puts Johnson up to the task of infiltrating a dangerous drug cartel and catching the kingpin red-handed. As a big, buff construction worker who drives big-rig trucks for a living, he's the perfect man for the job, right?

Of course.

Subtracting from any absurdity — although there looks to be plenty — the plot is ripped from a "Frontline" documentary.  Yes, some guy actually did something like this, but there's a good chance he sparked significantly fewer action sequences.

The WWE Superstar is joined by Jon Bernthal ("The Walking Dead") and a particularly tough-looking Barry Pepper ("The Green Mile") as he brings Benjamin Bratt's cartel to justice in exchange for his son's freedom.

In case anyone has any doubt of Johnson's ability to carry out his mission, his final words in the trailer should put them at ease.  "Trust me," he says.  

We totally do.  Watch the action-packed trailer below.